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2022 Edition of AI

Welcome to the course!

There are no live lectures but all the lectures are pre-recorded and will be made available in Panopto. Follow the link on left side menu. First week's lectures have already been published. The lectures for the upcoming weeks will be published on the previous Friday.

Observe that the lecture recordings are from last year but the slides will be updated. The core contents of the lectures are still up to date and relevant. Links to updated slides are provided in each corresponding course module.

Q & A Sessions

Live Q & A Sessions start during the second week and the first session will be held on Tuesday 18th of January. These sessions are meant to provide help for the weekly exercises. Q & A sessions are held in Zoom.

Course modules and exercises

Course module for each week will open at the previous Friday and they will close after two weeks. All the exercises must be completed before the module will close. However, you can still view your answers and the lecture materials after the module has closed.

Peer-review deadlines updated

The deadlines for peer-reviewed exercises and the video have been updated to Thursday 24th of February at 18:00. Because of this change the deadlines of the whole module 6: Markov Decision Process and Reinforcement Learning have also changed accordingly.

The deadline to complete your peer-reviews has also been extended until Tuesday the 1st of March at 10:00. This deadline will not be extended because after that the course staff will begin reviewing and grading those peer-reviewed exercises and the reviews they have received.

Module 5 deadline moved

Due to recent problems with Plussa and its graders which prevented submitting any exercises we have moved the deadline of Module 5 to Friday 18th of February at 18:00.

Module 3 deadline moved

Due to numerous problems in the programming exercise Degrees of Separation we have moved the deadline of the whole module to Tuesday afternoon at 18:00. One hour after today's Q&A session.


Saturday, 1 January 2022, 12:00 – Thursday, 1 September 2022, 12:00

Assignment Category Submissions Points
1.1 Lectures and materials
1.2 Completing the course

Friday, 1 January 2021, 12:00 – Sunday, 23 January 2022, 23:55

Assignment Category Submissions Points
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Quiz: Introduction
2.2.1 An introduction questionnaire questionnaire 0 / 6

Friday, 28 January 2022, 12:00 – Thursday, 24 February 2022, 18:00

Assignment Category Submissions Points
8.1 Video Presentation
8.2 Submit Your Video Presentation
8.2.1 Submit Your Video Presentation submit 0 / 10

Monday, 28 February 2022, 09:00 – Monday, 28 February 2022, 12:05

Assignment Category Submissions Points
11.1 Exam
11.1.1 Topic 1 Exam 0 / 25
11.1.2 Topic 2 Exam 0 / 25
11.1.3 Topic 3 Exam 0 / 25
11.1.4 Topic 4 Exam 0 / 25
11.1.5 Topic 5 Exam 0 / 25
11.1.6 True-False questions Exam 0 / 30


0 / 310


0 / 129


0 / 164