This course has already ended.

Completing the course

The course is completed by collecting points from different tasks, and the final grade will depend on the total number of points collected. The relative point maximum scores are:

  • Topic Quizzes: 50%
  • Programming assignments: 50%

You can replace the Programming Assignments by taking the Exam. If you take both, you will score the better result. We strongly recommend to choose Programming Assignments.

Furthermore, there is a voluntary Video Presentation, which yields up to 10% bonus points. Hence, the maximum relative point score that you can gather is 110%.

Course grading:

The point requirements for each grade are as follows:

  • 1: 50%
  • 2: 60%
  • 3: 70%
  • 4: 80%
  • 5: 90%

About the activities:

Each course module will be open for two weeks. Exercises must be submitted during that time. Deadlines are hard and late submissions are not allowed.

The quizzes and programming assignments are submitted via Plussa. In the quizzes you have multiple attempts to solve the problem, and you can see the correct answers afterwards, but in every attempt the parameters of the problem or the whole question may change. Some of these tasks may be more easily solved with programming.

Programming assignment in module 6: Markov Decision Process and Reinforcement Learning is peer-reviewed. Please note that to receive points from your submission, you have to complete the grading of your peers’ submissions assigned to you.

The details about the video presentation will be published later.


The dates for the first two exams:

  • August 3, 2022
  • August 15, 2022

The implementation of the exam is still pending.

Posting submission...