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Programming task: Degrees of separation

Download the more detailed description of the task

There is a .zip file right beneath this text. The file contains a pdf file that has more detailed description of the task, two data sets, as well as some useful code templates.

Note: the larger data set files are megabytes in size, and loading them into memory may take close to 20 seconds.

Download the zip file containing exercise files and instructions. Implement the shortest_path function and submit your file.

Test your program with the name pairs provided in the instructions before you submit your solution! You can run the program with the following command:

python large

You can get extra help on different possible command line arguments with the following command:

python --help


DO NOT print anything extra from your function! Grader will compare the printed output of your program to the model solution. If the outputs don't match you will receive zero points!

Your code should be able to resolve the degrees of separation between ALL the name pairs in under 5 minutes including the time it takes to type the names. If your code takes too long to find the answer the grader will timeout and you will not receive any points!

A+ presents the exercise submission form here.

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