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Are you ready to become a DevOps guru?

This new version is under construction, but you can get an idea about the course from the last year’s edition:

We will start 31.08.2021 at 10:15. Information to participants:

Kari Systä is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: COMP.SE.140 opening session
Time: Aug 31, 2021 10:00 Helsinki

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This is one of the very last courses in the Web and Cloud master program, so the students are expected to know quite a lot. In particular, the students should have passed the course Web Programming 2 - Architectures. In terms of skills, the students should

  • Basics of “process” side of software engineering, (e.g what is Agile)
  • Understand basics of operating systems, and have sufficient mastering of Linux command line.
  • Know basics of cloud, virtualization and docker.
  • Be fluent in programming with technologies used cloud applications. You can use JavaScript, Python or Golang.
  • Know use of git
  • Basics of TCP/IP, e.g. what is “NAT”.

Content of the course

Lectures to explain the background and theory. Due to COVID-19 virus the lectures will start in zoom and we will seek ways to add interactivity these event. The lectures/infosessions are in Tuesdays from 1215 to 1400 in Zoom.

Graphical representation of the course content .

We will also have on-line exercises that need to be complete and a challenging project in which the students create their own deployment pipeline.

To support exercises and project we have weekly “kooditorio”-sessions. Details available later.

Exam to check the theoretical knowledge.

Learning topics

In this course you will learn background, motivation, theory and practice about

  • DevOps - how and why developers and operations should collaborate and sometimes they are even combined.
  • Continuous Deployment - automated pipelines
  • Cloud-native architectures - how applications should be architected for cloud

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is this an AWS course?
A: No. We will use AWS as on example in various places, but the philosophy is to stay technology and vendor neutral
Q: Is this a Kubernetes course?
A: No. You will hear about Kubernetes but this course is more about general principles.
Q: How does this course relate to TIE-23546 Cloud Platforms?
A: This course is a DevOps course aimed at master-level students majoring or with strong background on software engineering. TIE-23546 is for open university students and it’s content focuses in infrastructure.
Q: Can this course we taken remotely?
A: Yes, but for the exam you need to use facilities of some Finnish university with a compatible exam room. Naturally, a worsening COVID-19 situation may change this rule.
Q: Are events recorded?
A: Yes, and we also utilize the recordings from the last year.
Q: In the project group work or individual ?
A: We do not know yet. (Sorry)
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