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Docker compose

For managing and orchestrating cloud system, Docker Compose is a key technology.

For more info see

The purpose of this exercise is to learn basics of Docker Compose through hands on.

The points from this exercise depend on timing and content:

  • maximum 4 points are given (total of the course will be about 50)
  • missing the first deadline (29.09.2021): points reduced by 0.5 points / day
  • how well the requirements are met: 2p
  • following the good programming and docker practices: 2p


The instructions are in a separate file and was be discussed on 22.09 lecture.

Please read and start working and send clarification questions to kari.systa (at)

Give a link, and other information to access, to git-based version control of your project (e.g. cources-gitlab). The repository must include Dockerfile and docker-compose.yaml, too.

Posting submission...