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Programming task: Nim

Download file. The file contains a pdf file that has more detailed description of the task, as well as some useful code templates.


Due to the nature of this week’s problem. This exercise is peer-reviewed by a fellow student and there is no automated grading.

Be sure to test your program well before submitting! Also notice that only the last submitted version of your code is seen and reviewed by the other student!

Peer-review of this exercise opens only after this module has closed and you will then have 5 days to complete the review of your fellow student’s program.

NOTE: Even though programming exercises are not mandatory you must submit a program to this exercise to be eligible to review another student’s program. You will not be able to peer-review another student’s program if you decide not to submit this week’s program.


Points from this exercise will be reviewed and possibly adjusted by the course staff. The staff will consider the peer-reviews each program receives and how well the program actually performs compared to the peer-reviews.

To receive points from your submission, you have to complete the grading of your peers’ submissions assigned to you.

A+ presents the exercise submission form here.

Posting submission...