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Grading of the CourseΒΆ

The grade of the course consists of weekly theory and exercise tasks and a programming project. In addition, a final exam organized as an electronic exam needs to be passed (grading pass/fail).

The grade is formed from the following:

  1. Theory: Theory points are collected by watching videos, reading the course material and attending the Q&A sessions. Answering questions on the videos and material gives 25 points each week up to the start of the project (10 points on the first week). Attending the Q&A session given 15 points each week (5p from question submitted beforehand and 10p for participation). The total amount of theory points is 430p. The points collected form a partial grade with grade = points/60. This means you need 60 theory points to pass and 300 points for grade 5. Theory points amount to 20% of the grade.

  2. Exercise: Exercise points are collected by completing exercise tasks - typically coding tasks - each week. Each week there are 55 exercise points available up to the start of the project (25 points on the first week). The maximum amount of points is 520. The points collected form a partial grade with grade = points/82. This means you need 82 exercise points to pass and 410 points for grade 5. Exercise points amount to 45% of the grage.

  3. Project: Project points are collected from the course programming project. The project is implemented during period four so that fulfilling the minimum requirement gives a maximum of 140 points. Implementing basic and additional features defined by the course and other project merit gives extra project points. The points collected from the project form a partial grade with grade = points/100. This means you need 100 points to pass and 500 points for grade 5. The project amounts to 35% of the grade.

  4. Exam: The electronic final exam is graded pass/fail. You must pass the exam in order to get a final grade from the course. The exam questions cover the key theoretical and Java releated learning outcomes. The more technical learning outcomes are covered by the projecy. The questions cover course rounds 1-12.

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