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Course Workflow


The course uses a flipped classroom based learning approach. This means that the student’s own active approach to learning is key.

Learning Events

Due to the pandemic situation in Pirkanmaa the course will start fully online. We aim to add on campus exercises as soon as the situation allows. The Q&A session will be online during the third period. The situation will be re-evaluated for the fourth period.

Learning events are organized on the central campus and in Hervanta. In addition online sessions are offered. The kick-off lecture and the Q&A session can be followed online and are recorded.

  • Kick-off lecture

  • Exercises 5.9.–12.10.2022 and 24.10.–7.12.2022

    • Exercises are not compulsory

    • Bring your own computer

    • In the exercises answers to the earlier problems are covered and there is an opportunity to get help with the upcoming tasks.

      • Monday 8-10. Zoom, Meeting ID: 640 6317 2298 Passcode: 364833.

      • Tuesday 8-10. B4116, PinniB, Central Campus

      • Tuesday 16-18, TIMO-luokka, 2 krs., Frami C, Kampusranta 9C, 60320 Seinäjoki, University Consortium of Seinäjoki. Note! Moved 20.9.-13.10. from Tuesday to Thursday (The time and place remain the same)

      • Wednesday 10-12. TB216, Tietotalo, Hervanta

  • Q&A session 2.9.–14.10.2022 and 28.10.–9.12.2022

    • Friday 14-16, TB104, Tietotalo, Hervanta

  • Exam

    • Students can use their three exam attempts freely over the exam windows meaning several attempts can be used within one exam window.

Study Facilities on Campus

In addition to adding on campus learning events we want to encourage students to meet eachother for example to work on the course project and based on the idea of peer learning. There are different rooms available for the students’ use on the campuses. All such rooms that are available in Resource Booker can be used also without a reservation. Lecture halls and classrooms can also be used when there is no teaching or other reservations in them. Information on the facilities and making reservations is available in the intra.

Guidance and Support Services

Getting back to the campuses after a long strech of remote studying is exiting but can also feel overwhelming. The aim of the university community is that your studies progress smoothly and you feel well. Remember that there is support available for study guidance as well as coping with stressful situations and concerns on the current crisis situation in the world. Remeber that you are not alone! Information on guidance services is available in intra and collected below:

Flipped Learning

Flipped Learning or Flipped Classroom is a learning approach where the student studies the given subject first on their own or with other students. After and to support this there are contact teaching events where the studied topics and possible questions regarding them are discussed together.

You can get to know Flipped Learning better for example on the Lesley University web page: An Introduction to Flipped Learning or watch the following video

On this course, Flipped Learning means that:

  • Each week there are online material and learning videos available for study

  • There are exercises done based on the given material

  • Exercise classes are provided to help with the programming tasks each week

  • At the end of the week a Q&A session is held to discuss the week together

Video on Flipped Learning on Programming 3 (duration 14:22)

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