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Virtual Desktop: TUNI Virtual desktop

In January 2022 the university has started a wide pilot use of TUNI virtual desktop service. Programming 3 is one of the pilot courses. All software needed to take the course is available on TUNI virtual desktop. News pon the pilot is available in intra.

TUNI virtual desktop is used as follows:

  1. Download and install Remote Desktop application.

  2. When the application is installed, open it and select Workspaces->Add Workspace (WIN) or Connections->Add Workpace (Mac).

  3. Mac user: subscribe the content with your TUNI email address

  4. Sign in with your TUNI account

  5. The applications and virtual desktops that are available to your account will be shown. Connect to by clicking.

  6. The virtual desktop W10 TAU can be connected by clicking its icon. Use your TUNI email address and password to log in.

The following tools are available on the desktop:

  • PyCharm and Python3

  • NetBeans and Java 17

  • VScode with Python, C++ and Java usable

  • Git

  • Powershell

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