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Repository-exercise on branches


Do the submissions in order if you want to avoid complications.

Remember to pull student_template_project for material. A folder Round10/GIT_EX has been added with a Python script that works for example with python3.6.

Currently the script calculates falsely Celsius -> Fahrenheit transformation.

Input temperature: -2
-2.0 C = 30.8 F

Create a new branch temp_double_print.

Add functionality to the new branch that also calculates Fahrenheit -> Celsius using the same (incorrect) formula in reverse.

Input temperature: 0
0.0 C = 32.0 F
0.0 F = -53.333333333333336 C
Input temperature: 32
32.0 C = 51.2 F
32.0 F = 0.0 C


If you accidentally altered main-branch version. Just do a new commit, where you have reverted to the old version of ( git checkout 129b097fe7b97afaebd39832313b688e3eaff1a6 – )

A+ presents the exercise submission form here.

After previous part you have decide to correct the mistake. Do the formula correction to both master and temp_double_print branches.


Correct formula: TF = TC × 9/5 + 32

A+ presents the exercise submission form here.

New idea: The program should ask which transformation is done instead of doing both. Create a new branch direction_query where the transformation is queried. (See example below)

Select transform direction (CF) or (FC): CF
Input temperature: 23
23.0 C = 73.4 F
Select transform direction (CF) or (FC): FC
Input temperature: 73.4
73.4 F = 23.0 C

A+ presents the exercise submission form here.

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