This course has already ended.

Project: Documentation

The target audience for the class project documentation is the team itself and the course personnel grading the project. Each project needs to contain under version control a directory Documentation containing an up to date documentation of the project. As a whole the documentation graded should contain:

  • a PDF-document under the directory Documentation

  • the log information in the versioncontrol repository

  • code comments including possible interface documentation of own classes

The two latter are in version control as is and are not separately included into the PDF-document.

The PDF-document decribes:

  • the structure of the part of the software implemented by the course team. A clear hand drawn diagram is perfectly fine.

  • reponsibilities of the key classes

  • project functionality, including each extra feature clearly described

  • those classes implemented by the team containing pre and post conditions.

  • the agreed and actual division of work

  • a short user manual

  • known bugs or missing features

The document can be written what ever the team chooses but it must be turned in as a PDF file. The PDF-document should not exceed five (5) pages.

Posting submission...