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Are you ready to become a DevOps guru?

This new version is under construction, but you can get an idea about the course from the last year’s edition:

We will start 31.08.2021 at 10:15. More details closer to the date.

Course staff


This is one of the very last courses in the Web and Cloud master program, so the students are expected to know quite a lot. In particular, the students should have passed the course Web Architectures. In terms of skills, the students should

  • Understand basics of operating systems, and have sufficient mastering of Linux command line.
  • Know basics of cloud and virtualization.
  • Be fluent in programming. You can use JavaScript, Python or Golang.
  • Know use of git
  • Basics of TCP/IP, e.g. what is “NAT”.

Content of the course

Lectures to explain the background and theory. Due to COVID-19 virus the lectures will start in zoom and we will seek ways to add interactivity these event. The lectures are in Tuesdays from 1215 to 1400 in Zoom: Kari Systä is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Meeting ID: 621 4287 6952
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+358972522471,,62142876952# Finland
+358341092129,,62142876952# Finland
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+358 9 7252 2471 Finland
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Meeting ID: 621 4287 6952
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Graphical representation of the course content .

We will also have on-line exercises that need to be complete and a challenging project in which the students create their own deployment pipeline.

To support exercises and project we have weekly “kooditorio”-sessions Tuesday 1400-1530, starting from 8th September.

Exam to check the theoretical knowledge.

Learning topics

In this course you will learn background, motivation, theory and practice about

  • DevOps - how and why developers and operations should collaborate and sometimes they are even combined.
  • Continuous Deployment - automated pipelines
  • Cloud-native architectures - how applications should be architected for cloud

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is this an AWS course?
A: No. We will use AWS as on example in various places, but the philosophy is to stay technology and vendor neutral
Q: Is this a Kubernetes course?
A: No. You will hear about Kubernetes but this course is more about general principles.
Q: How does this course relate to TIE-23546 Cloud Platforms?
A: This course is a DevOps course aimed at master-level students majoring or with strong background on software engineering. TIE-23546 is for open university students and it’s content focuses in infrastructure.
Q: Can this course we taken remotely?
A: Yes, but for the exam you need to use facilities of some Finnish university with a compatible exam room. Naturally, a worsening COVID-19 situation may change this rule.
Q: Are events recorded?
A: Yes, I have not tested the technologies, but I assume they work.
Q: Where are lectures mentioned in Sisu ?
A: Nowhere, the information in Sisu has been updated.
Q: In the project group work or individual ?
A: We do not know yet. (Sorry)
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