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Grace Period

The projects are automatically given a week of a grace period after the deadline. Using this time will affect the grade.

The absolute deadline for the project is 9.12. at 23.59. Even under grace submit the project as early as possbile as the grading gets tougher over time (see below).

Effect of Grace on Grade

A project submitted under grace gets a grade sanction which gets tougher over time. The grading is changed as follows:

  • The limit to pass (grade 1) does not change.
  • Other grades are raised as the grace period starts by half a grade. For example, right after the actual deadline, a project must gain points worth the grade 4.5, the limit for 3 is 3.5 etc.
  • The limits are raised gradually over the grace period so that by the end of the week the limit for 4 is the same as the original 5. The other grades scale accordingly.

The sanction effect is not disjunct but gets tougher gradually over the week.

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